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Sod Off Saturdays

On a Saturday, everyone can sod off. Saturday is my day. As a mother and a wife in full-time employment little else is my own. I share my bath, my pecan butter smothered rice cakes and my sanity.

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It only took a minute

You see me at the school gates, we look almost exactly the same.

Almost exactly, but not quite.

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5 passive aggressive things insecure mothers say.

Insecurity doesn’t make you a mess. It makes you human. It can also make you one insufferable mom bitch friend from hell.

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Advice You Were Never Supposed to Follow

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t! These are the top five pieces of advice I received (and followed) at the start of my parenting journey only to be criticized when I followed through with them!

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Getting it right, until someone else gets it more right that you. Only you weren’t even wrong!

I’ve been unapologetically damn confident about this parenting thing right from the start. Thirty eight years of anticipational anxiety taught me that I don’t cope very well with surprises, pressure and making prompt decisions that don’t involve scouring the internet and consulting the said powers of the parenting universe beforehand. So, in that vein, I made sure I did everything possible to prepare for my new role as a mother.

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It’s called PARENTING, maybe you should try it some time.

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5 social media limits you need to set before your baby arrives.


As you tread into new child rearing waters, here are five simple steps you can take to reduce background noise from social media channels and eliminate their disruption to your first few days of parental bliss.

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Dear Rod Lady,

An open letter to the lady who didn’t like people telling her she was making a rod for her own back. Yet she held on to that rod for dear life! Continue reading “Dear Rod Lady,”

Control your kid!

When your friend’s child turns your house upside down and she does NOTHING!

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